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Kennedy & Cayla

BFF's & Co-Founders

Meet the BFFs behind TnT


Cayla and Kennedy have been friends since almost forever. These kidpreneurs met 7 years ago when they were only 2 and 3 years-old! Naturally, they enjoy most of the same things, like dancing, singing, gymnastics, art, and cooking. Their newest adventure taps into one of their other favorite hobbies, which is jewelry making. Kennedy and Cayla turned their love for crafting bracelets into a bonafide business when they created TnT.


TnT, which stands for Tucker-n-Turner, was created to promote positive self image for brown and black adults and children. Their first product line, Throwing Shade, features shades of brown with motivational charms and a dash of color. Their thoughtful designs make it fashionable for people to wear one or multiple bracelets at a time.


These moguls in the making are just getting started, but as their tagline says: Their bracelets are dynamite, and their business is booming!

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